Hiking Books

Hikers like to share their experiences and
there are plenty of hiking books to read
or take on your journey.

Education and reference books:

Why not prepare yourself with  a book about your hiking destination and research the terrain and surrounds, there are some great hiking adventure books you can explore before your hike. Learn where the best campsites are and what facilities are available at each one, if any. What other parks or places of interests are near by. Dymocks has a vast array of books on heaps of topics and they even deliver!

The hiking experience:

There are many hiking books, that talk about hiking on almost every inch of the globe. Any hiking adventure has a possible hiking book or hiking documentary about it. Trespassing across America is an intriguing record of one man's exceptional adventure along the Keystone pipeline's potential way and a contemplation on the beuaty of our natural world and the need for environmental change, and the extremes to which we can propel ourselves. Take some time out and read up on your chosen destination and your hiking intention. You’ll not only learn about the area but you’ll probably get hints as to where to go and what to see. You’ll also get a visualisation as to the difficulty of the terrain, and what hiking gear and hiking accessories you may need. You can then make a more informed decision as to where to go, if it suits your fitness level and supports your health.     

Hiking can take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the world and allows you to see the magic in the small things and most often those things that most people just don't see or experience.

Why hike?

The are many inspirational hiking books, that talk about the reason people got involved in and enjoy hiking. The Classic Hikes of the World:- 23 Breathtaking Treks is such a book, as it takes you to all of the areas where hikers love to go and talks about the beauty and challenges of each hike. Once you start out on your first hike, you'll develop an understanding as to why people do it. 

Books on Hobbies:

Does hiking involve getting to your point of interest that is associated with your hobby or favourite past time? Do you have to walk to that fishing spot, or to the rocky cliffs to go rock climbing? If so, grab a book on fishing in these areas and learn how to catch that special fish. If your interested in rock or mountain climbing, there are plenty of guides and documentaries about the many beautiful places to go and how to get there. Part of hiking or camping experience can be the opportunity, to do those things you just can't do at  home, like kayaking on a beautiful lake or down a fast running river. These books can help support your other hobbies or interests, such as bird watching, photography, kayaking, fishing.

Books on areas of Interests:

Another area of interest that may require grabbing a book is astronomy. Looking up at the stars at night, when there are no cities or towns close by, is pretty amazing to say the least. When camping, the stars and astronomy in general is not only interesting for adults, but kids love looking and learning about the stars as well, especially when you see falling or shooting stars.

Hiking books are available that discuss the health benefits of hiking such as:

  • Weight Loss and Maintenance
  • Hiking has a Meditative effect and can connect you to your spiritual self
  • It helps with Stress Reduction
  • Decreases Blood Pressure 
  • It builds up Muscle Tone and Fitness Levels
  • Hiking helps to Strengthen Bones

Hiking Books 

Books on hiking gear or camping equipment:

There are hiking books regarding the hiking gear or camping equipment you intend to use. The Ultimate Hikers Gear Guide is a good starting point, as it tells you what you need from a very experienced man, Andrew Skuru who not only hikes but teaches and educates peopl,e on hiking. There are guides and checklists to help prepare your overnight stay and multiple day hikes. 

Books on Hiking Safety:

Don’t forget to read up on the safety and survival aspects of hiking, in the areas you choose to explore. If you intend to go and explore caves or mountain areas you may need to read up on that before you head off. Learn about First Aid and grab a book for a reminder. Do a course on basic first aid, there a books to show you how. There are books on survival techniques and stories that will inspire and amaze you. Make sure to check put the hiking tips that expereinced hikers provide. 


Why not take a diary with you when you go, and you can write down your experiences and memories along the way. Hiking could also be a great opportunity to do some soul searching and healing.


Grab a novel so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of reading in one of nature’s special places.

Hiking Cooking books:

Another thing that could be of interest is cooking books for the great outdoors especially for camping and hiking! These are so creative and informative that you'll be surprised at what you can actually cook when you are hiking or camping out, they are just amazing. I highly recommend trying out at least one of these.

Camping Cooking Books