Coastal Hiking Gear

Enjoy the experience of coastal hiking and
properly prepare yourself for a challenging,
and safe hike.

Coastal Hiking Gear can link you up with a wide array of well known brands such as; Arc'teryx, Camelbak, Coumbia, The North Face, PrAna, Ice Breaker, Merrell, Montane, Osprey, Scarpa and Salomon to ensure you get the best gear for your hike.  

What is Coastal Hiking?

Coastal hiking is walking or hiking off the beaten track, away from the hussle and bussle of suburbia. It may require a bit of planning to deal with the terrain, elements and distances possibly travelled compared to a street walk. It's about exploring the natural beauty of the coastal line and various surrounding National Parks areas. There are many spectacular coastlines and pristine beaches, rocky outcrops with their own ruggered beauty to explore. There are waterways full of various marine and wildlife for you to delve into. The National Parks offer a vast array of bushland and forests, with Nature and Marine reserves, with their own exceptional flora and fauna. Coastal hiking can include climbing small mountains and peaks, walking great distances along isolated beaches and open spaces exploring encapsulating coastal tracks. 

What you need to Coastal Hike:

This site will inform you of what you will need when hiking and we will link you to a vast array of products to assist you on your hiking journey, ensuring that your experience is safe, comfortable and pleasurable.

Hiking boots and shoes are a must on every hike no matter where you are hiking. You need to ensure they fit properly and protect the foot and support the ankles if you need it. Don't forget a thick pair of woollen socks.

Hiking clothes need to be comfortable and tough to prevent tears from bushes and rocks. Some pieces include hiking shorts, hiking t-shirts, hiking jackets and hiking pants to get you started.

Hiking gear is going to depend on what, where and when you are hiking. The basics are always a hiking backpack or daypack, water, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen and insect repellent. 

Sleeping out  will require a few items if you intend to hike over night or for multiple days such as; a sleeping bag, a tent and lighting, especially if you want a bit of comfort. It will be very important to ensure you take what you need. If you a hiking all the way to your destination you will need to be mindful of the weight in your pack.  You will need some basic camping cooking gear as well. Things will probably include a plate and a cup, a pot, a stove and gas for boiling water and heating food. 

Hiking books are great to get you inspired and educated about hiking and the areas you intend to hike.


Importance of Planning:

Planning is very very important when hiking.You need to plan where you are going to hike. Hiking can become a dangerous adventure if you are not sensible and prepared. Be realsitic about your fitness level and capabilities before you go on a hike. Though most people can do smaller hikes, some fitness is still required, and physical training will need to be done for bigger more challenging hikes.

  • Safety must always come first. 
  • Let some one know where you are going and when you are expected to get back.
  • Look at the time it will take you to get there.
  • Look at the weather conditions and expected conditions whilst you are hiking. 
  • Look at what gear and equipment you may need.
  • Look at the terrain where you intend to hike.

Hiking Gear 



Coastal hiking provides a healthy lifestyle. Walking around in nature anywhere, has a very therapeutic effect upon our physical and psychological well being. The peace and quiet of the natural environment instantly, has a dramatic affect upon our stress levels, which then influence our other physiological systems.The physical and psychological challenges that some hikes can bring are very rewarding, that also affects your stress and hormone levels, and mental health amongst other things.


No matter where you go, you'll probably end up somewhere magical and possibly experience something special. Walking along the coastline at certain times of the year creates opportunities to experience many different things.

The different seasons offer unique experiences such as, winter time is whale time here along the Eastern Coast of Australia. Winter hiking can be more challanging as you are required to deal with more aggressive weather. The rain can make things cold and difficult, especially when climbing up and over slippery rocks, hills or slopes. Getting a good grip can also be difficult at times and water puddles can be deep and have things in them. You may encounter fallen trees and rocks, anytime of the year, but the water and stormy conditions can lossen these from their footing. Summer time hikes are more pleasant as long as it's not too hot. There are plenty of dolphins and other marine life, lots of animals, birds and flora. 


People hiking with backpacks and poles.


So, how do we hike? If you can walk, you can hike. All we have to do is put on suitable clothing, grab a backpack and a few necessaties such as water, food or snacks, put on a good pair of walking or hiking shoes or hiking boots that have a good grip and support, and your off. Small short hikes don't require much in supplies or planning, but the bigger and more difficult hikes will.


Hiking or bushwalking is a great outdoor activity for those people who are energetic and enjoy an adventure, and are curious as to what is around the corner. It can be done by all age groups and all health and fitness level. One of my older friends still walks hours in a day, over hills and along soft sand, up and over cliff edges and around rocky outcrops, and he is 86 years old and has great health. I've seen young kids of about 4 years climbing steep peaks with their parents. 


One of the best things about hiking is that it can be done anytime of the day or year, it's an alround outdoor activity. Hiking can become apart of your daily health and fitness routine, a weekend activity or a planned adventure for a few days or longer. Even when you are on a holiday, no matter what region, country or continent you may live or visit, you can always find somewhere to hike.


Exploring nature and discovering what most people don’t get to see is part of the drive behind the hiking experience, and lots of times it's the small things that create the greatest of pleasure. There are heaps of hiking trails to visit all over the world. Some hikes have guides that will assist you and educate you along the way. Where you hike, will depend on your level of fitness, experience, who you are travelling with or if you are travelling alone, what county or region you are in and what you want to see or experience from you hike.

Some famous hikes include: Machu Picchu in Peru, Annapurna Trail in Nepal, Base Everest Camp in Nepal, The Great Northern Walk in Australia, The Milford Track in New Zealand and there are many more.  



Some natural beauty that can be found when hiking include:


Bush: creates a real connection to the earth and your spirituality. The bush can be a real haven to get away from it all and de-stress. You'll need good sturdy hiking boots or hiking shoes with a good grip. Your hiking clothing will also need to be sturdy as there will be plenty of branches and rocks and sharps to catch your shirts, pants and jackets.


Sand Dunes:  

footprints in the sand

There are some places that have sand dunes that are 30ft high and continue to spread for 30kms (Australia). These desert like environments are so desolate and barren, but they create an atmosphere of awe as they are just so unique. These places can be very, very hot in summer or very cold and very windy in winter. Be aware, when the wind starts to blow you are going to need sunglasses or goggles. The sand can be very cutting. Your hiking clothes may include long sleeved hiking shirt and long pants, to prevent sunburn and windburn. A beannie and a balaclava will be good, especially when the wind blows. Packing a poncho would be real handy if you end up getting caught in the rain, and its light and easy to carry. Some hiking gear could include a small backpack to carry your water, sunscreen, hat and those extras. Just remember the sand is going to get into every crevice of your body and probably into your gear. 




Mountains: that are covered in cloud or snow, and feeling the icy crisp air, can certainly be inspirational in challenging yourself and your fitness levels. Your hiking gear is going to be important when hiking mountains, especially in the winter months. Your hiking clothing has to include good quality hiking jackets, hiking shirts, and hiking pants. Layering and wicking has to be considered in these conditions. Your hiking boots will need to be strong, sturdy and waterproof such as the Men's Saloman Quest 4D 11 GTX hiking boot. The basics for your hiking gear will include a good quality backpack, walking poles, a Persoanal Location Beacon, googles and gloves, water and food supplies.

Forests: that totally encapsulate you into a tree haven, is just so magical, the smells and sounds alone are unique and soothing. Being surrounded by Mother Nature, creates a connection to the earth and supports our overall health and fitness. Your hiking gear will depend on where you are. A good pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes as always. A backpack or day pack, trekking poles, water and food. Hiking clothing basics include a pair of long hiking pants that can be folded at the knee if you so desire. A hiking t-shirt or shirt and a hiking jacket.

Rivers and Waterfalls: witnessing the power of masses of water running over a mighty cliff is so enthralling. Standing near the edge of the pond or stream, and feeling the spray of the water on your face can be so refreshing after a long hard walk. Your hiking gear may consist of walking poles, a backpack, food and water. Your going to need a good sturdy pair of hiking boots with soles that have a good grip and are waterproof. Your hiking clothing may need to be layered as your going to need a light water proof jacket such as, The North Face Women's Resolve Jacket it is wind proof and has a hood (great).

Open spaces: puts things into perspective and makes you realize how small we really are. Open spaces allows for the mind to really grasp the concept of time and evolution. Open spaces somehow make our problems and concerns can drift away into the horizon. On these hikes your hiking gear could include the bare minimum, such as a pair of joggers or hiking shoes, a backpack, water and food. Your hiking clothing will depend on the hiking conditions and terrain.


Sunset at Boat Harbour, Australia


Flora and Flowers: the magical beauty of many flowers and trees and their perfume can be simply charming. Australia's eastern coastline has Gymea lilies that have a long stems, and the flower of the Gymea is huge and heavy and wax like, its bright red colour stands out in the bushland. They also have Flannel flowers that look and feel as if they are made of creamy grey flannelette. Then there are glowing mushrooms that only glow at night at certain times of the year. 

Coast Line and Ocean: watching majestic whales breeching and playing is just breath taking and so exciting. I have seen many sea creatures during my time hiking, like dolphins, whales, sea turtles, fairy penguins, a fever of sting ray just to name a few. The ocean is like a spiritual cleanse for me, just being near the ocean has a positive uplifting affect upon me and swimming in it makes me feel as though I have cleansed my Chakra's and is very rejuvinating.


People hiking around beautiful coastal cliff

Your hiking gear may consist of good quality hiking boots and socks, hiking backpack, hiking clothing such as hiking jackets and hiking pants. You may need to layer your hiking clothing as there will be times when your going to want to take off your jacket and put it back on again.  The skies are full of many birds; Kookaburra that laugh and parrots that are full of spectacular colours, and huge sea eagles nest near the cliffs and often can be seen hunting during the mornings and evenings.  Hiking clothing would be a hiking t-shirt or hiking shirt with long sleeves and a pair of hiking shorts or pants. Hiking gear would be a day pack, water pack or bottle, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen and insect repellent.